Naval Architect for Salvage

As naval architects, we offer consultancy for salvage on-site and from the office.

GHS is the primary tool we use for hydrostatic calculations. With the casualty modelled in the computer, we make all hydrostatic loads available, like grounding loads, parbuckling forces, and much more. Damage and tanks compressed with air are all taken into account,

Offshore and salvage are the opposite ends of the same spectrum. Salvage experts are often called in when everybody runs out of options and ideas.

On a reef
Grounded and all bottom tanks damaged.
Preparing the casualty for re-float.
Going to the office
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This example is for a casualty sitting half on a reef. With a MACRO, the tidal variation is modelled, after which the total ground reaction and its location are presented visually.

The calculation considered the seabed profile and all bottom tanks damaged and pressurized with 0.3m bar overpressure.

The calculated float-off draft was within 5 cm accurate!


Calculation of ground reaction loads

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