Seacamel supplies onshore and offshore services in the following areas:

  • Ship design
  • Transport analysis
  • Stability calculations for floating and submerged object
  • Stability calculations for damaged and grounded vessels or barges
  • FE strength analysis
  • Design and supply of Leg Mating Units (LMU’s) and Deck Support Units (DMU’s)
  • Mooring analysis
  • Rules and Class verification
  • Client representation
  • Coordination of loading and discharge operations.
    Superintendent (SI)

During the operation, the GHS based Load Monitors report and log continuously the stability, longitudinal strength and cargo weight already loaded or discharged. This gives vessel operators the ability to compare quickly the actual condition with engineered conditions.

Prepare damage stability calculations en determine ground loads for damaged vessels, barges and any other object.

Make FE analysis. We have a lot of expertise in setting up the models, create appropriate load cases, model constrain sets and evaluate the results.

Calculating the ground reaction and centre of effort for changing tide.

We created an intuitive menu structures for GHS which allow users not familiar with the program to make standard stability calculation. The Menu can be fully customized to the clients wishes.