For classroom training, we provide both in-company and public training. Since the public classroom events have come to a stop, we are now in the process of converting the training to online courses.

Public training

Worldwise many Training Providers are active in organizing all kinds of public training, and we have worked with many. Advantages of attending the public event:

  • Cost-efficient if it involves just 1 or 2 attendees,
  • Great networking,
  • Interesting discussions and insights into other companies from the same industry. How do they work?
  • Possibility to ask questions directly to the trainer and get personal attention.
Hard cover syilabus as used during the training.

Public training will be shown in the training calendar. From here, you will find a link to the training provider, but you may always contact us.

Subject Location
Apr 20 - 22Principles for Heavy Transport & Lifting
(Due to COVID-19,
postponed to Dec 02-04)
Kuala Lumpur
Jun 08 - 10Principles for Heavy Transport & Lifting
(Due to COVID-19,
postponed till further notice)
Aug 10 - 12Principles for Heavy Transport & Lifting
(Due to COVID-19,
postponed till further notice)
Kuala Lumpur
Sep 22 - 24Principles for Heavy Transport & Lifting
(Due to COVID-19,
postponed till further notice)
Jan 18, 2021
16h-18h CET
Introduction to Principles for Heavy Transport & Lifting.
In cooperation with Hansa Meyer Global
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BHV Bremische Hafenvertretung

In-company training

This a semi tailor-made training based on the standard modules we use for the public training. Like picking from a menu, we select together which models are suitable for you and where to put the focus. Projects from your company can be incorporated as case studies.

This training can still be booked. The advantage for this set up are:

  • We come to you,
  • Multiple employees can be trained at the same time,
  • At a time and location of your choice,
  • We can incorporate examples specifically for your company,
  • Great team for building,
  • Cost-efficient as from 4-6 attendees.

Contact us directly to receive more information about in-company training.

Training Lessons


  • 100% COVID proof,
  • at your own pace,
  • at your own location,
  • no cost for travelling,
  • no cost for lodging,
  • and still under the guidance of the trainer.

The online training has the same content as discussed during the classroom events and you will receive the slides that are used during the classroom training as reference.

The subjects are converted to lessons and the topics follow the slides in pdf. These are the same slides as used during classroom training. Where the slides are meant to support the classroom training, the online topics are self-explaining. In addition, there is the possibility to leave a message at the bottom of each topic to connect with the trainer and get personal attention.

We are working hard to get the seminars on-line. For a sneak preview: Check here

This training is not finished yet, but you can have a sneak preview or sign up here to get an e-mail once the online training is available: